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Did you mean in option 2 de-coking or were you trying to say they wanted the shirt off your back, also the arking ( arcing in the book) could lead to Noah end of trouble !!!

Just having a laugh, its surprising how many spelling mistakes come up in the forum, sometimes it changes the meaning of the posts somewhat.
The serious part of all these sorts of incompetancies leads one to think of what the aero industry would be like if Renault ever made planes and tried to service them. It amazes me that some garages have no professional pride ( or are just too thick to keep pace with progress) and just want to rip off anyone daring to ask for a simple answer. I had a similar experience and was given options ranging from £800 + plus labour for an injector rail or £700 labour plus cost of parts to have head off to check valves after they had the car all day for a diagnostic test, after which they failed to find a fault which eventually turned out to be a dodgy contact in a plug ( which I found myself!!).
I hope that any Renault personnel who reads this will be suitably ashamed of working for such an incompetant and unhelpful company.

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