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Great posts and advice all round there I'd say.

When I bought the Espace I didn't read anything about potential problems with them, there wasn't a forum like this about anyway, I did look, hence this one being born! I was surprised when I did read up on it and read about all the 'potential' problems, it may have put me off buying one which would have been a shame, I am delighted with the Espace and with the service I've had to date. I even had an oil leak and a guy from the dealership came and got the oil off my drive!

When I bought the 911 it was completely different. I was so scared of buying one because I did extensive research bfore hand and everything thing I read on the 'net suggested that the version I wanted to buy (the 996) all ended up with blown engines which cost 12k to replace, they all have expensive RMS (rear main seal) failiures etc etc. Of course some do but nobody logs onto a foums and posts "I've never had a problem with my car". I still bought one because, as Selwonk said, my heart took over from my head.

Keep and open mind and don't be too put off by what you read on the internet about any car, not just Renaults, it can take all the of the fun out of buying a new car!
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