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Hi Brigatti! Nice to see your posts again.

Also nice to hear that business is good and you're off again on holiday (you lucky bar steward you). Hong Kong and Bali sounds lovely at this time of the year. Enjoy.

Back to the Renault problem.... sadly I cannot become involved because I have not suffered any mishap to my Laguna. If I had, I would have organised a face-to-face meeting with someone high-up at Renault UK or Renault France by now and one way or another, I would have convinced them or they would have convinced me by now. If they read these pages (and I suspect they do) they would be in a position to respond to our concerns and maybe even tell us whether they consider our observations or proposals unnecessary or unprofessional. I believe you are justified in taking a stand and my moral backing is with you. I have tried to explain in simple terms some very basic elements of mechanics in the previous post and hopefully I have made them clear enough for everyone to understand.

I can see plenty of people complaining about what has happened to them but I'm sure they are quite discouraged by the disproportionality of their losses and the size of this French-Nationalised (or was) mogul. I'm sure they would all like to join in with you but I suspect that their time is in high demand also. Of course, Renault will play this game in their own favour because they are no idiots and know that the probability is that not enough people will step forward.

In the end, our members can only vote with their cheque books but Renault won't mind that because they incorporate enough in the price of their cars to finance huge advertising campaigns with which to attract new buyers (who haven't yet experienced the frustrations that most members of this forum have.) Forget all the claptrap about valued custom etc...... C'est la vie, mon ami.

Meesh mentioned that 'his lawyers' are working on his case so it may be possible that he may consider your proposals for a joint action. Quite honestly, I would have gone for a "no win no fee" if one were available and I would have proposed it to all the people who have written in. Is there any way that victims can claim under their 'legal cover' (home or motor policies) for assistance to recover the uninsured losses? Small claims court is another possibility of course and if you win, it would set a precedent for other members to follow. Some will and some won't bother for lack of determination.

I also imagined that BBC Watchdog might have revisited the subject especially since there are serious concerns that there are risks to innocent 'passers-by' as well as owners/drivers of this model. I don't understand why because they can't be influenced by the withdrawal of advertising contracts. I wonder if Jeremy Clarkson may be interested in cracking a whip or four in one of his programmes or books or whatever he is up to these days.

I had prepared a stiffish email for SJ and asked for approval from seniors of this group because I didn't want to put the forum at risk of libeling someone. Unfortunately it did not receive the 'imprimatur' and was either not approved, forgotten or lost. I am not criticising anyone for that BTW because I understand that if the forum was sued for any reason, it would no longer exist; ergo the reason I asked for an opinion and applied no pressure for a response.

I can't really see a meeting of victims taking place because they are very spread out. You are in the south, Meesh in Scotland and the rest in between. If people put pen to paper and say how strongly they feel about their potentially life-threatening incident, then they should have written to you by now so you can guage how much further you can push for a solution.

Personally I am alarmed by VOSA's reaction (or non-reaction) and their acceptance of Ren's assertions that they obviously received and believed. We all know what is at stake especially if they know that someone has received serious injury from such an accident. I don't know what SJ's qualifications or qualities are but, if you remember, I told you long ago that he did not fill me with confidence; the fact that he stated from the outset that he "may" not be able to tell us details unless Renault agreed, did not quite inspire me. But I still believe further submissions can and should be made by every one of you; a complaint in writing or verbally to your MPs would not be out of order. This however should only be done after the CEO of VOSA (is he the same as for DVLA?) is given the opportunity to review. That is the procedure set out and if he agrees with SJ, then you can refer the matter to your representatives in Parliament. The waves you will create will not go down well at DVLA I assure you.

I am not aware of any changes to the forum. As far as I know there are guests viewing these pages every day. I do not mind people reading how I feel about this an other concerns and certainly hope that if they think I am wrong, they will write in and say so. I would probably argue the point with them (although I don't like argueing ) but if they convince me, so be it. Renault and VOSA are also welcome to have their say on this and other points being discussed and debated, as far as I am concerned.

Anyway, I have said enough for now. I am glad you are still around and reading the forum. I commended you for points a while back BTW, because of your efforts on this subject. So bear in mind that people do recognise your efforts and are grateful for them.

Enjoy your hols and pop in when you return.

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