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Information Courtesy of Honest John..

What's Good

Radical new Espace with new Renault corporate look established on Avantime and Vel Satis, launched late 2002. Three year UK warranty. 120bhp 1.8 DCi; 150bhp 2.2 DCi and 180bhp 3.0 V6 DCi engines. 245bhp 3.5 V6 has bags of performance even with 7 people and their bags aboard. FIVE START Best NCAP crash safety rating yet achieved, in June 2003. Rated Top MPV towcar 2004 by The Caravan Club.

What's Bad

Now steel bodied and much heavier. 3.0DCi has high CO2 of 252g/km. Understeers heavily like Previa and doesn't like S bends taken quickly. Have been problems with electric parking brake and clutch system on 4 cylinder diesels. On 1.9DCIs EGR valve should open to allow carbon dioxide, which acts as a cooling gas) into the combustion chambers when the engine is under load (>30% boost). This allows the combustion chamber temperature to drop and thus the temperature of the exhaust gases. If it sticks in the closed position the exhaust gas temperature will rise causing a) the turbo bearings to fail and b) engine oil into the induction system. This will cause the engine to go on running until it has consumed all its oil and then it will go bang.Problems with EGR valves in Renault dCi engines are often the cause of rough running when the valve is stuck in the open position as well. In several cases turbos have blown but the
EGR valve has not been replaced. Inevitably the new turbo unit will
not last long. Espace/Grande Espace 2nd bottom model in 2004 JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey.

What to Watch Out For

Helpful hint: To change the digital display from mph to kmh and back again do the following (from Dutch handbook): Have the Renault card ready in your left hand but don't insert it yet. Press and hold the computer function button on the end of the wiper stalk. Insert the card and start the engine. The speedo will flash for about 3 seconds. When it stops flashing, release the computer button and the speedo and the cruise control switch to Km, though all other functions remain in miles. Simply repeat to change back to miles.


18-7-2003: 359 Espaces recalled because electronic parking brake may not be fully effective. Parking brake computer software to be reprogrammed.
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