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Originally Posted by HD462
I remember talking to the wash engineer who comes to service ours a few months ago, he does the garage and supermarket ones too. He said if you knew how they looked after them you'd never use them (he was talking about Asda at the time). He said they never change the water (the wash recycles water to use again), so you end up with loads of grit and whatever was on previous cars, on yours. It is filtered by the wash plant, but no doubt a lot gets through, especially if they don't change the water often (even at all).
Sadly this happens quite a lot. Although the newer designs aren't set up to allow water recycling.
Some of the latest truck washes are great machines. Computer controlled with swipe card operation. Pull the truck in, swipe the card and the wash starts. No money required. The computer automatically adds the wash to the haulage firms account.
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