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Block exemptions and the rules governing the servicing and repair of cars

Yep - that old chestnut again...

The subject has been raised before, sometimes by me, but Helen is now experiencing problems getting a repair carried out under warranty on the SEAT Ibiza and I'd like to know where we stand legally

The car is clonking going over bumps. Our local garage has investigated and thinks that the suspension bushes need replacing. Helen took it to our local SEAT dealer to be looked at under the 3rd year dealer warranty. They reckon they have greased the bushes, can not find a problem and are unwilling to carry out any more investigations into the problem. The service manager (Helen thinks) asked her to bring it back when the problem was more apparent as they were unable to find a fault, but were willing to admit that it was making the clonking noise. Not a particularly satisfactory outcome. The car has only done about 13,000 miles since new and we didn't expect to have ANY problems with it

Not a problem. Let's have the local independent garage carry out the repairs instead. Helen emailed SEAT:
Originally Posted by Helen

I am the second owner of the above vehicle and purchased it with warranty remaining. I have had a problem with my vehicle which I have taken to a dealer but received an unsatisfacotry response. I am now goingg to take my car into my local VAT registered garage for them to make the repairs. I would therefore appreciate details on how the warranty operates outside of a main dealer.

Thank you.
A bit curt, but what do expect with an email contact form?

Response received back from SEAT:
Originally Posted by SEAT
Thank you for email of 2nd February 2007. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding.

I can confirm that in order to maintain the warranty on your vehicle all warranty work can only be carried out by a SEAT approved dealership. Should you have repairs carried out by a non SEAT approved dealership they will charge you for the repairs.
Now then - are we being fobbed off here? I thought that the block exemptions rules introduced in October 2003 mean that the car can be serviced and repaired outside the franchised dealer network if:

a) The service interval is adhered to
b) The parts used are of comparable or better quality to that available from the manufacturer

I've looked in the warranty booklet and this states that in order to pursue a claim, the vehicle should be taken to a SEAT dealer but it does NOT say that the work can not be carried out by an independent, non-franchised dealer

Does anyone have any advice or experiences they can share of dealing with this situation?

Thanks in advance
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