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Mate, you should have turned to Wiki, how many more times do I need to tell you..........


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Hoon is an Australian and New Zealand colloquial term given to individuals who typically drive fast and dangerously.

One Sydney barrister has defined the term as describing "a young man from the Western Suburbs of Sydney who drives a modified motor vehicle". A hoon is likely to engage in the activities of doing burnouts and doughnuts.

In 2005 a Geelong Magistrate called for 'hoons' to be forced to display 'H Plates', similar to P Plates already in use in Australia for probationary drivers. The suggestion received wide media criticism and was ridiculed by Rove McManus on his national television show.

The term is so widespread that in Western Australia that the state government has brought in what are known as 'Anti-Hoon' laws to cut down on young males causing auto accidents by excessive speed and street racing.

The term is also encountered as a verb "to hoon" or "to hoon around", meaning to act in a reckless or otherwise less than sensible manner.
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