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My pet hate:


It's the root of all driving (or at least a large proportion) in my opinion. It:

1. Slows down the flow of traffic
2. Encourages bumping
3. Indicates that people are not aware of what is going on around them

Why, oh why, do people feel the need to drive everywhere in the outside lane?

I'm joining a dual-carriageway - the outside lane looks nice and I'm turning right in 3 and half miles!

I'm joining a motorway - the middle lane looks cosy - let's dive in there!

I'm going down a two-lane A-road - that pavement looks a bit dangerous - I'll drive in lane 2!

The Plod used to call them CLODs - Centre Lane Only Drivers

I call em ****s

The site I listed above is run by a guy called Derestrictor from Piston Heads. One of his ideas is to use redundant matrix boards to push the point home. Great idea!

Rant over. Calm...
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