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Road Wars

Did anyone happen to watch the new series of Road Wars last night? Amongst the scum appearing on the "show" was a woman pulled for driving a car with:

1. Smashed headlamp
2. Missing filler cap
3. Blown brake light

When stopped her they discovered that she had:

1. No insurance
2. No driving license

When they looked in the car they noticed:

1. That she had a toddler in the car wearing just a nappy and not in a car seat or restrained by a seatbelt

They told her to leave the car and get it sorted

Within 15 minutes they spotted her again in a different car with the same unrestrained child

So, this time, they...

...sent her on her way again and told her not to drive

Are the Police bloody stupid? In the end she was banned from driving! Well - that certainly told her. I got pulled by a copper a few months back just so he could do a vehicle check. I'm driving in to work in the morning, in a newish car that is spotless from top to bottom wearing a shirt and tie. His excuse was he wanted to check the tax and insurance. He tried to make me accept an HORT1 but I refused and he got called away by a call on his radio

Why the hell do those of us who do actually pay tax and insurance and abide the rules bother anymore?

Why the hell do we bother? To quote our brethren over at PH, it's enough to make my pi$$ boil!

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