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Hello and welcome -

Here are the relevant points of your experience thus far with regard to the oil situation..

"I've been following with interest your debates on the use of "Fully synthetic oils" and do agree that they certainly seem to look after your engine better(having just got rid of a Honda accord esi coupe(american built monster: gorgeous but petrol so had to go need diesel for good return) and my car having been fed" mobile 1 "all its life I decided to ask for it to be fed with same at its 90000 mile service to be told "Oh no sir we only use semi synthetic in laguna's (this was from a main dealer service manager !!!!!!)"
This was the garage I took it to for its first mot(garage I was recommended)and all seemed ok
I was informed by the service staff at the cars first servicing garage (you tech bods may be interested in this so ***** up your ears and take note!!!)
A memo went out to all renault main dealers on "17/oct/2001" that the use of "Fully Synthetic oil to at least 0/40w was recommended and encouraged in all future long service interval requirement vehicles !!!!!
After a long heated debate the service manager agreed to .....see wot he could doo
he phoned me back and said after my insistance on having Mobile 1 that he could get it for me but only in 4ltr pks so I would have to buy 2 and take away the spare (80.00? Yeah right) After some exchange about disputed parentage on his part I decided not to have the service done there and went to another local Renault main dealer to be told the same bloody thing!!!!!!!!!
Can you believe it? Right my thoughs exactlly!
Sorry for the epic but I am trying to bring you up to speed with facts so far to cut down on questions later.
To cut a long story short I settled for ELF EXCELLIUM LDX 5/40w a new b4 spec oil so i am told with excellent long term oil change properties."

We have a resident Renault Tech here and beleive his view is not exactly favourable when it comes to the use of Mobil 1 oil .

Hopefully he will pop along soon and explain why..together with the links with the facts..
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