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First make sure the handbrake is on, chock the wheels if needed.

I jacked the car one side at a time, placing the axle stands underneath with wood battons to spread the load.
Make sure you use the reinforced jacking points, shown on the Espace as half circles.

Wipe around and over the filler cap to remove any grit or debris, you don't want it falling in your engine.

Remove the filler cover on the top of the engine to prevent any air locks.
Wipe around the sump plug to clear away any debris and grit. Place your newspaper and oil catcher underneath the plug.
Use a ratchet and you 8mm socket to losen the sump plug, finish unscrewing it with you hand.
Do not drop it in the oil catcher or you'll spend the next hour trying to retrieve it.

The oil will flow out, leave it to drip.

As you see the oil filter on this Espace is some way up the side of the engine with some pipes below it.

Face facts, this isn't going to come off without coating the pipes in oil , you'll have to clean up as best as you can after the event.
Use a rag to clean on and around the filter, make sure your catcher is positioned to catch the spill.

Use you filter remover to losen the filter, then remove by hand.
Once the oil flow stops clean the filter mating face with a clean rag.

Lubricate the new filter with some clean oil smeared around the rubber seal, screw it on where the old one came off.
Be very careful not to cross thread it, it should screw on very easily.

Make it hand tight only, that'll do nicely.

Clean the sump plug with a rag, inspect it, you're looking for metal fragments in the old oil that may show bearing damage, hopefully there are none.

Using a new washer put the sump plug back in and tighten, but don't over tighten.
It is not a load bearing screw, it is there to stop the oil falling out the bottom of the engine.

Now we can remove the axle stands, reverse the procedure for putting them in and you should be OK.

Time to put the new oil in, Renault have been very good here and you should find a purpose built funnel in the cubby hole under the passsenger seat.

(There were even some latex gloves in with mine).

The position of the filler neck is right above the alternator/air con pump drive belt, you may want to put a rag over these to stop any spills getting on the drive belt.

Carefully measure the oil one jug at a time as you put it in. My Espace took 4.5L to take it half way between max and min on the dipstick.

At this point you need to run the engine for a couple of minutes to fill the oil filter, (Make sure all tools and rags are removed from the engine bay).

Let it settle for 5 minutes then check the level again, I put a further 0.5L of oil in mine to take it just below the max mark.
Do not believe the amount printed on the container, my 5L can actually contained 5.2L of oil , just pouring it in would overfill the engine with potentially dire consequences.
More info. on this appears on the Oil Bible site.

Put the filler cap back on and that's it you're done.
Check the oil again in a couple of days when you've driven about a bit to make sure the level is OK.

Clear your tools away as you go, when you've unscrewed the filter, put the removal tool away
This good working practice means you can find things when you need them and you don't keep tripping over tools.
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