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only designed to do 500 miles max.......ah........maybe they're not so different.........
While we're all in a grumbling mood..........(?)............

How about dragging body repair shops into the fray?

If dealerships are questionable then (in my experience), 98% of so-called body-shops are the absolute pits!

I've watched quite a few colleagues of mine take their cars back with very questionable repairs after a shunt and wonder if they ever look beyond the fact that some nice shiny two-pack has replaced the mangled metal.

Had the unfortunate honour of being rear-ended in my (then) Merc about 5 years back.......made a bit of a mess of an otherwise pristine car, but not the end of the world.

Next day, ring the insurers etc etc and in due course of it goes to the 'approved' body shop.....a 'good' outfit by all accounts.

Three weeks later I get a call....'all done, come and get it'......which I do......and then, 'Oh! - the indignance because I want to inspect the work before signing for it!'

To cut a very long story short, I rejected the car on no less than 5 occasions, for things like:

Putting broken fittings back on the car ( & then claiming for new ones!)
Drip marks in the paint
Masking tape lines in the laquer
Scratches that weren't there when it went in (take photos first lads!!)
Overspray on the seats
Dead rear-end electrics
New spare tyre being substituted for a knackered one.
'Gluing' cracked body clips back on (can't be *rsed to go and get new ones?)

In the end the insurance arbitrator was called in and eventually (and after threatening court action) I got the car back in a reasonable order - 9 weeks later!

And their final words?.............."Trouble with you 'Sir' is that you know too much about cars for your own good".

What sort of statement is that?.........more like "we hate people like you 'cos you won't let us take the p*ss!"

Nope, I don't like a fair number of dealerships, but I Bl**dy hate 98% insurance company bodyshops!

(Mind you, they got a hell of a shock when my solicitors hit them with the bill for the hired Merc I had for the last 5 weeks of the exercise - AND they capitulated and settled the day before we hauled 'em before a Magistrate!)

Seems that it often pays to kick up a stink.

Rant over

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Re: Would you buy a Renault, after reading this???.. (The moaners thread)..

im sorry you have had a bad renault megane, ive had 3... R reg sold it back to the dealer 70k on the clock great car my y reg megane done 125 k and a w-man drive killed it , my 04 megane ive had from new only tyres , and sevice costs and its done 36k . ive had 3 great megane cars im
Originally Posted by Bullit View Post
Hi to all potential Renault buyers.

Please read all the e-mails, listed below, between myself and Renault. If you still wish to purchase a Renault, I suggest you see a psychiatric doctor!!!

Happy shopping (Or should that be Happy Shopper??)

Dear Nicky (Renault Cust Servs)

My patience have finally snapped. I was advised today, that my car should be finished by 2.30pm. I called Renault Dealer, just after 4pm and was advised by the workshop, that my car had indeed, been completed. I reiterate, I CALLED Dealer, having been previously promised, I would receive a phonecall.

I collected my car at 5.30pm and one of the workshop guys, explained at great lengths, that ALL, the work required, was successfully completed. This included the sunroof, which he explained, had been reconfigured. He repeated this at least 3 times, as if to give the impression, that a great job had ben carried out.

As soon as I drove the car out of Dealers, I tested the sunroof and.................surprise, surprise???? The sunroof did not work correctly. It does not completely close, which means I have to hold the operational button in, until the roof has completely reclined. This is a fault, I have had from day 1, but did not consider it of high importance.

I returned to Dealer immediately and spoke with the service manager, who sat in my car and agreed, that the sunroof, was not satisfactory, should have been repaired and wanted the car returned, so the fault could be remedied. I have been without my car, since last Thursday, with no courtesy car offered, so I was no prepared, to leave my car in the workshop, for who knows how long.

This is in addition, to me being at Dealer yesterday, to check the progress of my car. I waited until 12.30 and having received no telephone call, had to travel to Dealer. I found my car on the ramp, with no looking at it and was advised, that the "troublesome" front wheel, would be looked at this afternoon (Monday). Please bear in mind, my car was with Dealer, since 8.15am, the previous Thursday and the wheel had not been touched. This is an absolute scandal. The door handles, that were to be replaced, did not arrive until last Friday. So basically, my car was sat in the workshop all day on Thursday, with no work carried out.

The only plus to come out of this debacle, was the offer from Customer Services, to replace the x2 front tyres, which was very much appreciated. There were no Continental tyres available, which was good news, as they are a poor product, for the 1.9dci Megane, see weblink: http://forum.parkers.co.uk/topic.asp...84&whichpage=1

I was promised x2 Michelin tyres, but on inspection, the tyres fitted, were NOT Michelin's and I was never advised, they were not the promised Michelins.

Please read and digest, all of my experiences, listed above and my previous e-mail's to you. Then consider the following; Is this the way, a so called reputable car manufacture should treat it's customers. With broken promises, lies and general ineptitude???

I am sick to the back teeth of Renault and my troublesome Megane(s), don't forget, I have had all of the aforementioned problems, with my previous Renault petrol Megane. Please do not mention, that teething problems are to be expected, with new models. Teething problems are to be expected with EVERYTHING new in life. Incompetence, is not to be expected/tolerated.

Please pass this message(s) to the highest Renault official and ask them to investigate, what the hell is going on with their cars/garages. I look forward to your swift reply.


Mr John Hayes

FAO: James Cox


Hi James

Please click on the above weblink, for more information, on excessive tyre wear, from Continental 17" tyres, as fitted on my vehicle. I spoke with Courtney, the service manager from Renault Dealer, regarding the "ongoing" problems, with my car. He has promised to call me this Monday, with a progress report.

He informed me, the door handles had been fixed and the RTE, would look at the steering column, this Monday. I still have a problem with the front tyre and the unresolved problem, with the clutch.

Will keep you updated.

Thanks for your help, this afternoon, much appreciated.


Good evening Nicky

Many thanks, for your prompt reply. I have another instalment, on the woes of Renault and their low customer-service levels.

I left my car with Renault Dealer this morning, to have the following faults, looked at/rectified, as per my copy, of the Job card:

1) NSF door, does not open, via hands free operation
2) Drone noise when driving, Mechanic, unable to pinpoint noise, to 1 wheel
3) Carry out OTS check, for this vehicle (In relation to the windows)

Requested completed time, was written as 15.00, 4/8.

I called Dealer at 16.11 and left a message for someone from the service dept, to call me, ASAP, with an update report. I then had to call again, at 16.31 and was informed of the information, listed below. I have had to "borrow" a car from a secondary source, as I have been left without my vehicle, until tomorrow, at the earliest. If my car was "behind schedule", why was I not contacted and made aware of this?

1) A problem had been found with x3 of the door handles
2) The noise from the wheel, was not a wheelbearing issue, but a noise coming from inside the front tyre.

I asked why the tyre had not been removed, so a comprehensive answer, could be given, for the "droning" noise. I was told, this would was not covered by warranty and would have cost me, 0.4 of an hour's worth of labour, equal to approx. 45, to have the tyre removed. I cannot believe, that a car under warranty, in the workshop environment, could not be checked, for something so simple, as a tyre removal. As it stands, I am no nearer to finding the problem, with the front wheel/tyre. I was advised, there was "something" inside the tyre.

The tyres on this car, are Continental 17" and are nearly down to the bare legal limit, after 18K miles. I know for a fact, that there have been NUMEROUS problems, with this maufacturer/size tyre, due to the "soft" compound used and that Renault and Continental, are aware of this issue.

I may also add, that this car has only recently had it's first service.

The aforementioned problems, are on top of an avalanche of problems, I had with my previous vehicle, a 1.6 Petrol Megane, bought from Renault Megane, with only 150 miles on the clock. Some of the problems included:

1) x4 visits to Renault, to resolve a problem with one of the electronic tyre pressure monitors. A puncture had not been detected, on FOUR separate occasions, which resulted in the light showing, low tyre pressure. The car was delayed for over a week, before I even took ownership of the vehicle, with this same fault.
2) Passenger airbag light coming on, x2 visits
3) Constant visits/phonecalls to Renault
4) Dialogue with the Head of Renault Dealer, Frederic ???? (unsure of surname)
5) Letters to Renault Dealer, Renault Dealer, Renault UK (Slough office)
6) Broken promises, calls not returned, even when after assurances had been given, by various Renault employees
7) etc

In the end, I had reached the end of my tether, with Renault and the car, which resulted in me, having to trade in the petrol version, for my current diesel, along with 2000, to make up the difference, between the book price, of the 2 cars.

I eagerly await your reply Nick, as I am completely exasperated, by Renault and their attitude to their customers. I had hoped, that with the new Megane, my problems would be well forgotten. Alas, they are very much of the PRESENT. All of the above problems, are in addition, to the ongoing problem, with the clutch. I am driving a car with 18K miles on the clock, that may well require a new clutch, which has astounded all the professionals, I have spoken with.
I am expected to part with 795, if there is no obvious manufacture defect found, with the clutch. As it stands, it is not a Gamble, I can afford to take and quite frankly, I do not think it is a situation, I should be forced into/facing.


Mr John Hayes

As requested:

Vehicle registration number:
Mileage: 18,000
Purchased from: Renault Dealer
When: 27/02/04
Chasis No:
The Renault dealership that you have approached regarding this matter: Dealer

Dear Sir/Madam

I have a 1.9dci Dynamique Megane, on a 03 plate, bought from Renault, with approx 6K miles on the clock. It now has 17K on the clock.

I have suffered from an excessive smell, similar to burning rubber, coming from the engine, on x2 seperate occasions, within the last 4-5 weeks.

I visited a Renault dealer yesterday and was advised by a senior mechanic there, that the smell was connected with the clutch. He also advised there was a problem, with one of the wheel bearings.

A new clutch to be fitted, will cost 795, including labour. I have to wait to see, if, once the engine is removed, a manufacture fault is obvious. If no obvious fault is found, it would then be down to a Renault employee to decide, if the problem is due to "wear and tear". This, will then involve me trying to disprove this theory.

Please advise on my best course of action, ASAP. The car is due to be "looked" at by Renault, this Thursday. I would really appreciate your thoughts. The car is under warranty, until Feb 2006. I am a 35 year old, who has taken great care of my car and do not drive it "agressively" or "ride" the clutch. I have visited x2 seperate independant garages, who have both confirned my own opinon, that a new car, with 17K miles on the clock, should NOT, be suffering clutch problems.

Many Thanks in advance

John Hayes
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Talking Re: Would you buy a Renault, after reading this???.. (The moaners thread)..

My Laguna 1 phase II 1.6 is the first Renault I have ever owned. I bought back in 2001, still have it, have no intention whatsoever of replacing it and it has now done just short of 200,000 miles. The clutch has only just been replaced from new and that was purely as a precaution given the mileage as my daughter is borrowing it for her holidays as her Corsa is now too small with a young baby plus all the extras. Apart from a full annual service at my local independent garage, brake shoes and pads, drop link bushes, cam belts, exhaust etc, all the usual items that need doing on all cars, the car hasn't missed a beat in the last 10 years, drives like new, looks like new (well almost) and will remain with me for the foreseeable future as we absolutely love it. It's an absolute gem to drive being extremely comfortable so why change? ALL car manufacturers can produce a bad car and I'm not a fan of main dealers or their prices. I do however insist on genuine Renault parts wherever possible. I'm only posting to show the reverse side of the coin to the original post on this thread as there are always differing opinions and experiences on the same vehicles. I've heard some horror stories about the electrics on the Laguna II but it doesn't put me off. When this Laguna 1 of mine is about had it I'll get another Renault, but the way it's going, that may be another 10 years yet

BTW I use Continental Eco 2 tyres, have always used continental tyres and I am at loss with your comments that they are rubbish as I have found them brilliant in all circumstances. My car does over 54mpg on a run and 45mpg on average. The rolling resistance is negligible which, I believe results in my excellent fuel consumption. Long lasting and very good value for money. All this is borne out in the last 'Which' report on tyres in which they came out tops!
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