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Originally Posted by 77richard77
Hello to all

Does any one have any good Tyre recommendations? I am just at 8000 miles
and my front two are going to need replacing soon. The car came with Michelin Pilots and i just dont like the way they make the car feel.

Changed from the standard conti's to Goodyear F1's 225 r17 v rated 125 each but been on now for 11000 miles and worn far better than the conti's also grips like nothing else.

They have the V grooved racing tread pattern that may suit your type of driving.

They have far stiffer side walls so will provide sharper handling the pilots are more of a cruiser tyre.

They have been able to deal with the 270lbs of torque om 2.2dci to the point where the traction control ( which I always keep on) hardley ever needs to act.

They also haven't worn on the outer edges the same way as the Conti's so I'll stick with them.

But you deffinetly need a more sporty tyre to suit your driving.

Incidently a friend of mine had a Lag 2 a 2.0 ide for 3 years and had Pilots fitted always said it felt abit bouncy!!

Good look but 8000 miles you must spinnin it out off the driveway every mornin.
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