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Post Re your problem

Originally Posted by daveybobbin View Post
I experienced exactly the same problem on Thursday evening, when, at around 5.30pm the engine decided to take off without the usual accelerator pressure. Pulled over to the hard shoulder, where, even after switching off the ignition, the car still kept on going; lots of smoke, a closed carriageway, and 3 fire engines later the engine finally shuddered to a halt.

I've just spoken to RCS who are contacting the Renault garage in Northampton where my car is....


Renault Laguna Dci II
registered Oct 2002
mileage 84,500

owned since new - and was a great little car until it started trying to kill me!

Anyone got any recent advice on dealing with RCS and Renault garages in general regarding this fault?
Davey Bobbin.
If it was your Turbo that went chips. Then get onto Renault Customer Services . Phone No. 01923 895000, be prepared to stick pins in your eyes to stay awake, they do not rush. Quote the "Yellow OTS" scheme, which states that if the car is less than 5 years old, and /or less than 90K miles, you are just in in both cases, then you may get some financial help, they will probably squirm AND fight, but stick with it. If all else fails, you may wish to do what I did. I replaced the turbo myself. There are companies around who sell new & reconditioned turbos, if you want the name, reply to this thread, not to sure how I stand with giving out company names. My turbo was beyond repair, the bearings collapsed and the rotor hit the sides. it is not that difficult to replace the unit, just fiddly, the worst bit was removing the intercooler and pipes, THEY MUST BE CLEANED OUT.
For interest the sequence is:-
The plastic top engine cover.
Under tray cover.
Pull off the Turbo pressure regulator pipe.
Release the units above the turbo and pull to one side, only a few screws.
From below, undo the exhaust to Cat flange, two screws,
While your there undo the top 3 bolts on the Cat/ Turbo , also the bracket that bolts the Cat to the Chassis. Note the chassis end is a Torx screw, and a slighty smaller hole, remember for refitting. It is easier to leave the cat loose until turbo is out.
Undo the oil return pipe from the bottom of the turbo .
From the top undo the oil fed to the Turbo .
Remove inlet & outlet pipes, (jubilee clips).
Remove 3 bolts from turbo /Exhaust manifold,
Remove turbo from top.
Keep turbo , chuck away car. (LOL).

That lot took me 2 1/2 hours, never done it before.

Now for the pipes & intercooler.
Remove battery & battery tray, (Note battery should of been disconnected to start with).
Pull back plastic liners under wheel arches and you will see a bolt at the top, one under each wing. Remove these.
Remove Plastic trim panel accross front of car, (plastic clips).
Unbolt the front bumber from underneath, I can't remember how many bolts, I think it was only two.
Remove bumber, it just pulls away, but takes two people.
Unbolt head lights & remove.
Unbolt fron cross member to get access to radiators, (pull c/member to top of engine)
Unbolt steady clip from about halfway down the pipe.
Remove the ends from the intercooler, again Jubilee clips,
Fiddle about and remove pipes, beware they will have oil in them.
The intercooler is the middle of the three radiators, others being the water & air con. remove the clips & slip out, it takes a bit of fiddling, but is possible.
Wash out the pipes and intercooler, If possible flush them out with a degreaser, and blow air through them.
Re-assembley, as they say is a reversal etc. Don't forget to change the oil , whats left of it, and the filter.
I am not a mechanic, I have messed about with my own car many years ago, in the days of Dwell meters etc. & thought I was passed all this. So it is possible to DIY if all else fails.
When you come to start up, after about 1 mile it will smoke like crazy & everyone will start waving at you, smile & wave back....
I took mine on a few short runs before i bottled it, I took it one a motorway at night for a couple of runs, about 15 mile, after the third one it was all clear. It is residue in the cat & exhaust burning off. The Cat will be destroyed & will not pass an MOT again, so I did not change it due to costs & i got rid of the car, (trade in, I would not sell it private). After these runs it was a well behaved car again, but I wouldn't trust it ever again.
Cost was just over 700 for the turbo , with a 12 month warranty.
I would suggest getting hold of the Haynes manual, it gives good advice about the startup procedure, the engine management has to re-teach itself, and oddly enough the eleccy windows have to be re-programmed, again you can do that yourself.
As for the othe problems with the car/dealers, they are all now sorted. I drive a Toyota Avensis, lovely car.
If you or anyone else wants further details, reply to this.
Don't despair, it can be done and reletavely easy.
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