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Hi Tai - Please add your vehicle details to your profile so that it can be seen in any future posts..

I have no idea on the scenic but here's the laguna Method which MAY be similar..


These vehicles are equipped with alternators with
internal ventilation and integral regulator. There is also
a warning light on the instrument panel which has the
following functions:

***8211; the warning light illuminates when the ignition is
switched on,

***8211; the light extinguishes when the engine starts,

***8211; if the warning light illuminates while the engine is
running it shows there is a "charging" fault.

The warning light does not illuminate when the
ignition is switched on.

***8211; that all electrical connections are good;

***8211; whether the bulb is blown (to find out, connect the
circuit to earth; the bulb should illuminate).

The warning light illuminates when the engine is

This indicates a charging fault which could be caused

***8211; the alternator drive belt being broken or the charging
wiring being cut,

***8211; damage inside the alternator (rotor, stator, diodes or

***8211; a regulator fault,

***8211; an overvoltage.

The customer complains of a charging fault but the
warning light is operating correctly.

If the regulated voltage is less than 13.5 V, check the
alternator. The fault could be caused by:

***8211; a diode which has been damaged,
***8211; a wire which has been cut,
***8211; charred or worn tracks.

Checking the voltage

Connect a voltmeter across the battery terminals and
read the battery voltage.

Start the engine and increase the engine speed until
the voltmeter needle registers a stable regulated

This voltage should be between 13.5 V and 14.8 V.

Switch on as many power consumers as possible; the
regulated voltage should be between 13.5 V and
14.8 V.

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