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Originally Posted by davesss
Some time ago The I.A.M., the RAC and the Police were advising the government to introduce something called Zip-Merging where drivers would use both lanes up to the point where an A road or Motorway had lane closures so that there would not be problems at the point where the lane actualy closed and the traffic would flow easier.

The reason the government gave for not introducing Zip-merging was that with the poor standard of driving they did not think drivers would properly be capable of understanding the advantages of this.

I think they must have had Nicolidus, Superbiatch, Hondo and The Yeti in mind, also a driver who blocks two lanes is commiting an offence.

Zip-Merging is slowley being introduced and where it is it works very well and nobody gets mad about it.
Yep - I agree. Why is it that we can all queue nicely in Sainsburys but when it comes to motorways we all merge 3 miles before the cones instead of just organising ourselves as we approach them?
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