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Originally Posted by InIt Sister
just take it part of the poorly built and badly designed car that I have aquired.
Not entirely agreeing + happy with that statement.

Sound like you have had other problems with your car ?

The climate control system needs power to run. It get's the power from your cars engine. If you have driven another car which does not suffer a little bit from the addition of climate control or ac then let us know..

Any how

Auto Air Conditioning FAQs

Q: How often should a vehicle conditioning system be serviced?
A: Your air conditioning system should be inspected every 18 months to 2 years or as required. This annual check should include a check of refrigerant quantity, pressure and temperature, checking refrigerant hoses, drive belts and wiring harnesses and changing pollen filters.

I strongly recommend that a full service is carried out every two years; in addition to the above items the filter/dryer is changed.

Q: What happens if a system is not regularly serviced?
A: If an aircon system is not serviced, a build-up of moisture will occur. The built-in filter (receiver-drier or accumulator), is designed to store any moisture and contamination present in the system. If the filter is not changed then its element will eventually break down and cause internal damage to the air conditioning system.

Q: Why can I smell a ‘musty’ smell inside the car when I turn on the aircon? ( OG this doesn't applied to you mate ;-) )
A: This is due to the build-up of mould and microbes on the evaporator. It can be cured with a microbiological treatment of the evaporator unit during the annual health check.

Q: Is there anything I can do to keep the aircon working?
A: On a modern vehicle, the best advice is to run the air conditioning continuously. Modern systems are efficient and will not add greatly to the fuel consumption. Continuous running ensures that the refrigerant and oil are circulated throughout the system, keeping the seals lubricated and preventing microbe build-up on the evaporator.

OK lesson endeth..
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