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Well done that man - Top quality link..

Couple of very interesting points I read on their which poses me with some very serious questions about the Renault Dealers abilities or technical back up from the manufacturer..

Point 1 ( ctrl c'd from the site )

"How do I determine if an HID ballast is operational or has failed?
First replace the lamp with a known good lamp listed on the fixture or ballast label. If this does not correct the problem, then measure the input voltage to the fixture and to the ballast to verify the availability of supply voltage at the ballast input. If the supply voltage exists at the ballast input leads, check for OCV, using the cautions in A2 above. If the OCV voltage is correct as listed on the ballast label, the problem could be a defective capacitor or ignitor. Change one of these component one at a time to correct the problem. Generally,if the ballast shows no signs of overheating and the OCV measurement is correct the ballast is good and there has to be another component failure or a wiring problem."

My question :- Seems like a very logical fault finding procedure. Do Renault service departments do this ?

Point 2 (ctrl c'd)

"What will cause my lamp to cycle on and off?
This is an indication that the lamp has reached the end of its life. Replacing the lamp with a lamp specified to operate with the installed ballast will usually correct the cycling. This problem is most likely to be observed with High Pressure Sodium lighting systems."

My question :- This is the problem I am experiencing !! Any Xenon tech's out there ??

Please help me I need to get my car MOT'd - URGENT !!

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