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Quite right does one the power of good to have a moan -- I know I'm a councillor and the number of moaners I listen to in the course of a week would tend to make me believe that my town had been the victim of a nuclear attack. Back to the point my Lag II was bought trade and came with a host of faults some of which I got done on warranty, but it is still basically a good motor. As with all cars the nut behind the wheel is a key component that manufacturers cannot engineer to perfection. Perhaps its the way people look after their motors (or don't) that causes most of the problems. Regular service and TLC will always pay off. The cost of parts will always be a bugbear since most dealers will want to make large profits to justify stocking the parts. What the whole industry could do with is standarisation of common parts so that the economies of scale in production would bring down costs there is too great a variety of change ( sometimes for the sake of it ) that makes stocking spares a nightmare, Look at the number of different brake discs, pads, tyre sizes, filters, bulbs, plugs, batteries, alterntors belts, wiper blades etc. etc that sit on shelves. But the designers would argue that all subtle changes are done in the name of progress and modernity, as well as making things with built in obsolecence.
Phew glad I got that lot of my chest . I'll now sit back and wait for the fall out
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