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It's not strictly illegal to undertake on the inside as long as no particular manoeuvre is involved. If you are simply gaining on lane 2 when in lane 1, it's acceptable to slowly pass on the inside with caution. I only ever do that when I'm in lane 1 and lane 2 is empty with the usual muppets having a party in lane 3. You can just never trust the to$$er in lane 2 who is so oblivious that he'd probably have no idea you were there

I had a potentially nasty incident a while back with the family in the car. I'm in lane 1 doing a reasonable speed and come up on a car in lane 2 in an otherwise empty motorway. I check my mirrors and see a car approaching way behing me. Mirror, signal. manouver and I overtake the guy in lane 2. Check mirror, pull into lane 2. Check mirror again - lane 1 is clear so I signal and move over. As I do so I glance in my right mirror wondering where the guy who was coming up behind us was as he switches out of lane 2 to undertake in lane 1 at over a ton. Nice move...
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