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Originally Posted by prav View Post
Thanx a lot for the ABC of under the hood!!!
one another stupid query...
diff between cam belt/timing belt/aux belt/alternator belt/any other belts which i have missed out and what are they meant to do??
In simple terms the cam belt/timing belt are the same - it connects the crankshaft (at the bottom of the engine) to the inlet and outlet camshafts (at the top)- a camshaft opens and closes the inlet and exhaust valves on the suck and blow of the 4 stroke sequence (or suck - sqeeze- bang- blow). The aux belt is a separate belt which is connected to the crankshaft via a separate pully wheel and turns the alternator, water pump, air con compressor and power steering pump.
Both are very important components and should be regularly changed as per manufacturer's recommendations otherwise if the cam/timing belt breaks it is a very expensive repair, if the aux belt fails it is not so drastic money wise but you lose charging (resulting in a quickly flattened battery especially with the lights on - day or night) and power steering.
As said buy a manual for you car or get a basic mechanics book (try your local library).
Hope this helps

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