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Hi Bob! Good to hear from ya!

Yeah it's interesting to note that your brakes are also varying themselves. I assumed I might just have an odd issue which would take ages to find the fault with..
On that note, can I ask about your power steering? - Do you find it heavier some days and lighter others? Our Power steering is frequently heavy some days but I noticed it seems to be in 2nd gear range.

I'll definately get the water pump done. I realised recently that if it ain't performing properly the coolant won't go round and the engine will overheat - Dunno how i never thought of it sooner.

You know the funny thing is, our temperature needle also never goes above 1/2 way - just like yours. When driving at 30+ it drops to around a quarter - obviously due to the airflow keeping it cool, but I've never seen it go over 1/2. I guess one day when I know enough about the car to dismantle it and completely overhaul it I'll fit a digital temp sensor and guage..

I've not seen any crystalline deposits although I have heard about them (mainly from the web). It just seems to be oil leaking down the front all over the cylinder head area.

In truth its been a hell of a good car to us. People have ripped the p*** out of it at every opportunity. The number of people that have told us to send it to scrap is a joke. Sure the engine might be a bit wonky but once it eventually starts it goes very well. Besides, we just got a fiat bravo which everyone we know has thoroughly approved as being better than the megane. Unfortunately 2 days ago it let them all down and blew its gearbox to bits leaving a lovely puddle of oil all over the place. The ironry being that the megane even with a knackered head gasket is still drivable, still has plenty of power and can still hit 70MPH on the motorway yet it's been slated to kingdom come! I guess it isn't such a bad little car at all as I'm sure there are others out there that wouldn't continue running with a knackered head gasket.

I've found a company that can supply 2nd hand K7M engines for 250 - including VAT and delivery so if you ever need one gimme a shout and I'll send you the details (and he assured me today they have plenty of these engines on a regular basis and can fit a new cam belt before sending for a little extra).

It really is a great car. I guess as the saying goes for all new cars (and new things in general) "they don't make them like they used to". Thats certainly true. Todays newer cars have all got onboard computers, which scare the hell out of most mechanics (whom due to this I would assume are slowly becoming a dying breed).

Unfortunately though ours has been a little expensive. We got it with just 72,000 on the clock. The seller (on ebay ) originally had it up for 1.3k. 2 people won and then backed out without even seeing the car. We put an offer of 700 forward (thinking he'd laugh at the nerve) and the guy took it. Not only that, he delivered it too (requiring a 2nd car for his return) didn't charge a penny for delivery and didn't even accept petrol money (yes we offered it!). It came to us in immaculate condition. Unfortunately though, 700 for a car with 72k on the clock really was too good to be true. Where do I start.. cam belt replacement, exhaust replacement, catalytic converter had to be welded back on, tracking rod had to be cut out and replaced, spare tyre, windscreen (excess only), another tyre (due to the tracking being so bad).

We've only had the car on the road since january (when I passed my test) and now despite the above being done it also needs:
Rear lights fixing (loose pins in plugs)
Head Gasket fixing
Bumper fixing - Needs to be re-fibre glassed to repair a hole
Another windscreen (chipped within 3 months)
Another tyre (got a puncture and had to fit the spare)
New catalytic convertor (failed MOT due to emissions - luckily we found another garage who reckoned nothing was wrong and passed it - Doubt we'll be lucky 2nd time though)
Replacement radiator
Water pump
3x engine mount blocks
Lamda sensor replacement
Steering suspension fix (makes a deep springy echo sound when turning the wheel past the centre point from left or right)
Scratch repair on the back door (some little sod keyed it)
New driver side wing (small dent due to kent highways employee)
Corrosion to the left of the front windscreen (requires the screen to be removed to be treated as it's become quite deep)

Oh the list is endless, really it is. This car whilst adorable is certainly not financially viable for me to keep on the road however at the same time I don't have to get another (and if I did, I'd still not let the megane go). Despite this car emptying my wallet on a monthly basis I love the little bugger to bits so much that I couldn't bare to see it scrapped. Actually, thats a tale in itself as I went to a breakers 2 days ago to get a rear wiper motor for the fiat - I saw 2 meganes there that had been ripped to bits by scavengers - It was horrible! It sent a horrible shiver down my spine at the thought of our megane ever being in a scrapyard.

To look at our megane you wouldn't think there is much wrong with it as it still looks pretty decent apart from the scratch and some minor corrosion but its all the rest of the stuff under the shell which is the problem!

Anyway, if your ever down in Ashford in Kent, let me know - You can come round and see it (and be sure to bring your tool box too so I can make use of your experteese )

EDIT: Ours being the 97 megane doesn't have ABS! OH and I'll take some photos tomorrow and upload them so you can take a look!
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