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Memories of a Laguna
There it was all shiny and black, sleek and low, like a panther ready to pounce. I looked at the wife and said “Well it’s the best estate we’ve seen so far”. A quick once over and a short test drive later we were doing a deal. The sales rep’s eyes lit up (I found out later why!!) and after agreeing a price for the Scenic in PX we drove back home. What went wrong? All the advice Mike Brewer emphasises on this Wheeler Dealer programme I completely ignored, seduced by the car’s good looks it all went over my head.
The catalogue of faults started with near side window mech and rear wiper motor faulty, these were done under a “warranty” by the dealer ( not a Reno dealer BTW), I never did get the reversing sensors to work. So began my first experience of owning a Lag II Initiale 2.0l IDE . Alarm bells started to ring when I popped into my local Reno dealer to sus out the cost of a cam belt. The owner looked at the IDE badge and said “ Can’t do it Mike it’s got a Volvo engine and we don’t have the tools. I usually get Blah Blah Motors in Abergavenny to do it for me”. I thought “WHAT” better do some research and so I joined this forum after trying another where an antmat chewed me out for being so silly in believing that my car had a Volvo engine. Subsequent disasters ranged from an intermittent tendency to show ESP, Fuel Inj and Pollution control fault lights and go into limp mode, once ( heart attack provokingly) on a dual carriageway at 60. Several diagnostics produced no results except when, on impulse, I started checking the various connectors in the engine bay and bingo the fault disappeared. Loads of injector cleaner kept the fault at bay as well (or was it my imagination?). NS Side light bulb went out so let’s change it, boy what a palaver, you need hands that can twist through 360 degrees to get at the bulb, I gave up entirely on the driver’s side. With all the pluming and whatnots in the way it looked like taking the front bumper off was the only option. Living in the Brecon Beacons National Park proved too much for the radio, I have a better aerial in my transistor. Pity really because when it did find a signal the sound was great.
Then as time went on all sorts of thing started to go wrong and this is where the forum became a daily reading ritual out of necessity. Climate control illumination fault, stop/start button bulb, drive’s side window cable broken, driver’s seat started to rip, rear heated window and windscreen packed up. The driver’s side window mech has a 29 pin connector (I think it contains the electrically adjustable seat position indicator???). So down to main dealer in our capital city (Wales that is) and despite showing the parts dept chap a photo of the mech he said there was no such part on the 6 or 2 pin types. So after a bit of lateral thinking and a squint on eBay I got a 6 pin type and swapped the control box from the faulty mech. The reverse light switch packed in cusing the peripheral fault of no start with the button unless the clutch pedal is depressed. My dealer friend turned up with a booster pack saying it was probably a flat battery, he connects the booster gets in presses the clutch (without me seeing) and it starts, of course when I go to start it, dead, pushed in the clutch and it starts, finally twigged that night when I noticed the reversing lights did not come on (doh) Next trip to the local dealer for an MOT produced a bill for £350 for rear bushes and track rod end, ouch! But the boss man did not even attempt to change the faulty washers motor despite passing the car on the understanding that I changed it before the next test, again WHAT! My son in law and I spent an hour replacing it.
I have just looked at the pile of receipts that I have amassed over the last 28 months of ownership having had a scenic for 7 years without any of the myriad of faults that the Lag produced. Perhaps I have had a rough time with an early model and should perhaps gone for a later one which may have had all these wrinkles ironed out. So now its gone and I’m back with a Ford, hopefully a return to hassle free motoring. Good luck to the forum and long may you help those who suffer Calamitis Renois. I’ll pop in from time to time to see what the latest calamities befall Renault owners. TTFN.
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