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SU1 Gearbox - Laguna II v6 + 2.2d Autobox Only

Filling information

The gearbox is filled through the pipe (D).

Use a funnel with a 15/100 filter to prevent impurities
from entering the system.
The level MUST be checked in accordance with the
method described below:
1 - Park the vehicle on level ground.
2 - Fill the automatic transmission with the same
amount of oil retrieved when draining, in order to
obtain an approximate level (approximately
3.3 litres).
3 - Run the engine at idling speed.
4 - Connect the diagnostic tool and set up a dialogue
with the automatic transmission computer.
5 - When a temperature of 80°C ± 1°C is reached,
remove the dipstick and the level should be
between the two upper graduations (G) (on the
80°C side).
If it is not, add oil with the engine running (ensure
that the oil is checked at 80°C and check the level
NOTE: the dipstick has a reading at 40°C, this can
only be used for checking and topping up the oil when
the engine is running. It is essential to confirm this
using the diagnostic tool.
G = max level zone

IMPORTANT: you must reset the oil wear electronic
counter (integrated within the computer) when the
oil is changed. Enter the date of the oil change
using the "Write date of gearbox oil change"
command (diagnostic tool).

What it looks like

Informationally stuff

( courtesy of our member Benny79's homepage )

This gearbox was designed by Aisin-Warner, and is fitted into the Laguna II in 2.2dCi and 3.0V6 variants. It is a five speed, proactive automatic, with a coupled computer employing "fuzzy logic" to pre-select the correct gear for the driving you are doing at that moment. As a result, the gearbox offers increased efficiency during normal driving, and also caters for more "enthusiastic" driving at times. Occasionally it doees get things a little bit wrong, but 99% of the time, its spot on.

The SU1-002 has a maximum couple torque of 245lb/ft (330Nm), so there really isn't a lot of headroom left from the 210lb/ft (284Nm) of the L7X engine, or the 235lb/ft (320Nm) of the 2.2dCi-150 (code: G9T), although in later versions, a slightly different SU1000 gearbox is used. Alternatively, the Renault PK6 manual may be used with the 2.2dCi, however this is not available with the L7X-equipped V6 in the Laguna II range.

As for the earlier Laguna - Not sure..

Hope this helps though ?

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