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I have a petrol Laguna and I have read all the stuff on the Parkers Forum which should be taking with a degree of sensibility as mentioned above.

The problem with Turbo 's ( on all cars ) is that they are a neccesary evil used by manufacturers in Diesel Engines to provide the ooommmpphh that most of us think we need to get around these days.

Turbo 's however operate at very high speed and temperature and therefore the containmination in the airflow by the way of carbon deposits or worse still debris will lead to a major failure.

Noisy Turbo means one of these things below although a damaged Turbo would also normally mean reduce performance and increased oil useage from the engine.

1.Damaged turbocharger
Determine reason for failure - repair or replace turbo

2. Air pipe into turbo restricted
Replace pipe

3. Air pipe from filter to turbo leaking
Check hoses for splits and tighten hose clips

4. Air pipe from turbo to inlet manifold leaking
Check hoses and intercooler for leaks and replace

5. Carbon build-up in turbo bearing housing
Change engine oil and filter-overhaul or replace turbo

6. Blockage in exhaust system
Replace silencers or catalytic converter

7. Exhaust gas leaking from manifold
Replace gasket or manifold - check bolts for tightness

I have no doubt that problems exist and untill Renault make a statement about the design and pull their finger out the rumours will grow and grow..

If buying a second hand Lag II turbo diesel ( 1.9 or to a lesser extent the 2.2 ) it has been said that the intercooler tends to bulge if their is a problem with the turbo . Maybe someone could post a picture of their intercooler to assist.
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