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Hi all,

After some frustration on re-instating the lighting on the heater control panel, I'm pleased to report that its now done!

I have to admit that the two panel retaining screws caught me out first time around ( and it would seem, some of you).

At the end of the day, you're chasing ONE bulb only and this is quite a lot of work (took me an hour) for 1 little lamp, but if like me the blacked-out panel irritates the hell out of you - then its worth the hour!

So here we go, lots of pics, (a few a bit out of focus - sorry):-

(MODS - IF you think this is useful I'll leave it to you to post in the best place?)
Edit :- L20 - Consider that done my friend !!


0) MAKE SURE you have the radio's security code!

1) This is the panel I was dealing with:

2) Next, you need the ashtray out - it just pops out of its locating pins....

3) Now remove the 'odds n sods' tray ( spring plastic clips with a small flat blade screwdriver......careful!)

4) Remove gear gaiter: ( simply unclips ):-

5) Now undo the ashtray body (a couple of Torx screws - the book says remove the centre console....thats a lot of additional work when the ashtray body WILL spring out of the console edge without too much trouble - your choice)

5a) Remove the tray.......

5b) And remove cables:......

6) Radio removal:- If your radio is similar to this one it (supposedly) needs a special D.I.N tool to release it. If you have one great......if not, a couple of 2 or 3 mm drill shanks or a bit of wire coathanger bent into a 'U' work quite well, (so much for secure!). Work on each side a bit at a time (little finger in the cassette opening helps), and ease radio out of housing......

6b) Radio cables:- remove aerial / earth / power / speaker / remote cable plugs from sockets. usual plastic spring-tags hold them in - which break easily - heavy handed is not needed here!

7) Check progress with supervisor!

8) Radio Tray screws:- This is a little bit fiddly....6 Torx screws, 4 at the bottom and 2 at the top but further back inside. BE CAREFUL not to drop them - real so and so to find them again!

8b) Radio Tray remove:- Ease the complete assembly outwards and downwards from the bottom. It IS quite a tight fit in the console sides. Note the two locating pegs on the top which engage with locating holes in the heater panel. There are two soft plastic shrouds on these (to stop rattles?), make sure you retain these - one or both might stick in the heater panel end..........(mine did).

9) HEATER PANEL SCREWS!:- These caught me out on the first attempt - but they are there! Two 7mm hex-head screws one on either side in a recess, (sorry about poor pic, RHS screw is just visible on the RHS of the black actuating arm)......

10) Ease the panel forwards:-

11) .....and carefully unspring the plastic catches on all 4 sides of the facia (knobs detach WITH facia). DO NOT disturb spindles - you DO want the facia to go straight back on don't you?.......

12) Bulb (just the one!):- This pic shows the small black(dead) bulb in the centre. A lot of work just for this eh?

(The small red and yellow LEDS visible just to the left are (on mine) indicators for the rear screen heater. You may have additional LEDs if you have other functionality on the panel.

Light distribution is achieved from this single bulb by an arrangement of 'light-pipes' built into the facia itself. (see pic above)

The bulb and its holder detach by turning thru' 90' and removing from the rear......

New bulbs of this type (2.2w I believe) are readily available and are used on many cars. Here is a pic of the same bulb (as supplied for a Merc !). It does seem possible to get the pea bulb on its own (it just pulls out of the holder). IF this is what you want to do, I know that Mercedes sell these on their own - because they are used in the heater controls on the W124 series. Otherwise, I'm sure Halfords have got the whole thing.

Replace the same way you took it out.....a bit fiddly.

CHECK that it works before you put it all back together!

Re-assembly notes:- the above backwards!

It goes without saying, be careful not to break or force anything. If it won't go back easily then its almost certainly mis-aligned - in particular this applies to the radio housing which IS a tight fit AND the top lugs need to engage with the heater panel. When it is correctly aligned it goes back quite easily.

Re-code radio (depending on type of radio fitted)........

First digit by pressing '1' required No. of times
Second digit by pressing '2' etc etc.
Confirm 4 digit code by pressing (on mine at least ) - No. 6

Tools needed:-

Torx Driver
Couple of small Flat-blade screwdrivers
Couple of 2 or 3 mm drills or coathanger wire (courtesy of 'Oilyrag')
Small pair of grips (possibly)
7mm socket ...1/4" drive with extension or similar
Tray to hold all the screws in


Hope this helps?

Let me know?


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