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Yeah of course I would be furious... but I'm far more angry at not being able to afford my own home due to the banks and estate agents pumping the property market full of hype. Then our government bail out the banks when they dig themselves into a hole they made by squeezing out the first time buyers. That makes me furious!

I'm furious about the 10p basic rate protection being scrapped on income tax which is going to cost me more money per year for the honour of working my back side off.

I'm furious that the cost of living is becoming extortionate and this government blame anyone but themselves yet continue to increase income tax, NI, council tax etc.

I'm furious that the council I work for can't afford to give us a pay rise yet find 64k for 4 new members of staff to work alongside me doing the same job.

I'm furious that the government is robbing me blind for petrol... just so I can go to work for them to rob me blind again on payday.

Why am I not so angry about the road tax increase?... because the government leave me with so little money that unlike some of you guys I can't afford a car newer than 2001. I've had to make do with a 10 year old car which has never had a cambelt change in its life (and at 10 years it should of had at least 2) and I've been risking it every day for the last 2.5 months. Sure, I'm very proud of my safrane just as most people would be of a new laguna, but it is a 10 year old car and it is at the high maintenance age. I'd love to afford something nice and new which would only require a service once a year. I'd certainly not be moaning about 200 on road tax if I could afford 10k for the car in the first place.

Face it, I'm driving a 10 year old motor which for what it is, cost peanuts and I had to borrow the money to do that! My GF is basically paying for the cambelt to be changed so I can still get to work reliably and my front suspension needs work. The point is, typically a 10 year old car is known as a 'banger'. Our megane certainly is. Luckily the safrane has a fairly decent engine inside... but thats why I went for it because I can't continue to afford 5-600 every 8 months on another car plus further maintenance costs. I drive 450 miles per week. Any normal 10 year old car simply cannot cope with this huge demand and will require fixing almost monthly. The megane certainly couldn't handle it hence the HG failure. I had to hunt very hard to find a decent car for a cheap price which would be almost as reliable as a newer car - hence my choice to get a safrane. Yes its old but it is powered by volvo and almost built like a tank. For the miles I drive every month just to earn my crust of bread it was the very best car I could find for low price and to be honest, I can't even afford it comfortably - I'm stretching myself to keep it.

So, ask yourselves this, if you can afford thousands of pounds on nice new cars when people like me can only afford a 10 year old at a struggle, is 200 road tax increase such a big deal? Sure it doesn't affect me, but look at what else I have to put up with in order to avoid it. 350 cam belt change, 100 suspension fix, 600 speedo unit replacement (though mine works fine as long as it is in pieces) etc. None of those costs I can even afford. My GF is funding my cambelt as a matter of urgency. All my other parts come from breakers and my neighbour is generous enough to do the work to keep me on the road. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't even be able to afford a banger.

I'm glad the rest of you can even afford newer cars...

My life consists of nothing more than work, my GF and my computer. Thats it. I haven't been out for years. I am diagnosed with depression and I am having troubles in the workplace with colleagues and management giving me hell daily in order to see no reward at the end of the month. Don't get me wrong, I love my safrane to bits but the harsh truth is I can't really afford it yet I can't afford a worse car which will cost me far more and possibly my job. On top of this, my family is non existent now they've drained me of every penny they could get and left me to struggle. On top of that my parent was life threateningly ill for many years which made my life while young extremely hard.

I only have my GF for support and I cannot even afford an engagement ring for her yet alone a wedding or a night out).

Sorry if I don't sound very caring but my life has been absolutely crippled by poverty since my earliest memories. If I could afford a better life and a newer car the world would be full of roses.

The thought of a nice newish car, house, wife, family, is nothing more than a dream for me.. and all of those cost far more than 200 per year.
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