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Originally Posted by martin999 View Post
Will you have the same opinion next year when the Governmant decides to use the current VED rates for all cars registered after 1990 and your Saffy will cost you 400 per year?
Obviously I'd have to cross that bridge at the time. My point was though that like Mike11, I can't afford anything newer like those who are complaining about the extra 200. If you can afford say 10k, what really is 200?

Sure if they did decide to do it to all cars I'd be stuffed. I do agree that the 2001 thing is wrong though. It should of been done from THIS year. That would instantly upset the chelsea tractor drivers who have to have massive 4x4s as a status icon.

Even if my saffy did cost 400 per year I'd switch to the 5 saving stamps to afford it. I wouldn't like it much but I'd stretch myself to afford it. Infact I'd end up doing something else like pizza deliveries or something to help afford the cost.. and that would mean even more pollution so in effect the extra 200 would make it worse.

I certainly do not agree with what they have done but at the same time the rest of us are stuck with what is normally defined as 'an old banger'. While I'll admit the safrane doesn't really fit into the banger category it is old and at a high maintenance age.

Today I had to bring it back from a garage that were unable to change the cambelt. They said they could definately do it but it turns out to be a extremely customised volvo engine and they don't have the equipment to do it. That means I've got to find either a cheap specialist, or several hundred pounds more to get Renault to do it. You think I'm going to laugh at a 917 cambelt change bill for a 10 year old car? If I could have a 5 year old car and only have 200 extra VED I would be upset yes, but at least I could *just* manage to find it.

Originally Posted by madnoel10 View Post
Why not just add the cost to the fuel and do away with the current system - look at the savings to be made by closing a government department alone. Also it would be a much fairer system - the bigger your engine and the more miles you do - the more you pay - the fewer miles the less you pay. Let the oil companies collect after all they can afford to after the recent profits they've made
Never a truer word said. I completely agree. We pay so much in fuel costs at the moment anyway the government should just bang a load of extra on the cost and call that the excise licence. Thing is forking out the tax money in one lump sum is rather hard to find..

Originally Posted by Mike11 View Post
I can't afford a new car mate and I have got a 1998 Megane, same as you as you can see. I am in the armed forces and do 30-32000miles a year which equates to about 600miles a week!! I still have signed this because they won't stop, like it was said above, what will you do when they take the banding restriction off for Pre-2001 cars? We will all be screwed then.
Totally true, yes I'm sure they'll do it eventually but by that time I expect my current cam belt will of let me down long ago already. With regards to your meggie, you are seriously over working it - Ours couldn't cope with it in the end and despite being a 97 with very low mileage it is pretty much dead. My neighbour says he'll sort it for me while I'm away though.

Originally Posted by Mike11 View Post
It is a total joke, the Government are just sqeezing as much out of us until they push us over the line. If they don't stop it is going to get to the point when everyone in the country will march on Downing street and protest, no-one will work because it won't be worth it. If everyone refused to work for just 1 day, or didn't buy petrol for 1 day(that doesn't mean fill up the day before as that will defeat the object) then the Governent would HAVE to do something as it will make them lose so much money.
Yes they are squeezing and pushing as hard as they can. You are right, there will be a revolt if this continues. Riots will be all over the place and to be honest, its about time.
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