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Excellent posting Han - glad the new part sorted the problemo out -

I agree that ( in terms of fixing your car at the roadside ) the old cable system was a lot cheap and easier to sort out but the new system is designed for a reason..

I will try to explain a little

The drive-by-electronic wire ( rather than old fashioned mechanical cable ) accelerator linkage drives a motorised ( or actuated ) throttle valve.

The conventional accelerator cable controlling the throttle valve mechanically is replaced by a sensor which measures the position of the driver's foot on the accelerator pedal in real time.

This information is received by the engine management computer which subsequently positions the intake throttle valve via a small electric motor.

This perhaps more complicated design has distinct advantages over the mech wire. It is more precise and allows the computer properly to control the engine's torque output at each instant by directly controlling the amount of air admitted.

All the petrol engines had to comply with the latest exhaust emission requirements of Euro 3 (Euro 2000) complete with an OBD system which checked the proper performance of the emission control system over time.

The engines also comply with the IF 2005 emission standard for those countries which demand it, such as Germany.

Unfortuantely this is the future for all cars as our tiny planet becomes choked by petrol heads like you & I mate.

Anyhow enjoyed your post and if you get the renault part numbers from your receipt I would be very grateful in case I ever suffer a similar fate.

Regards L20
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