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I'm back!

I'm kinda glad you haven't decided what you want yet... it will give me a day or two to settle in.

Anyway, as regards copyright, I have a fair bit of experience regarding this. As long as you don't bring the Renault company's name, logo and image into disrepute, then you are actually doing them a favour.
"Va Va Voom" is a tag-line of sorts, the whole idea is that it spreads like a virus and that everybody uses it and associates it with the brand. For example, McDonalds would be over the moon if you all covered your car in stickers that said "I'm loving it!". This is actually mr marketing/advertizing guy's dream.

So don't contact Renault, if you do they will give it to the lawers and they will say no. If they actually give you permission to use their logo etc, then they leave themselves open to agro.
So just go ahead and use it, if they did have a problem with it, then they would let you know... and this is no big deal either... they won't drag you through the courts because it's too much money, time and effort over a few stickers (especially as they would probably lose). The very worst that would happen is that you would get a Cease and Desist" letter.
Companies that I have made stickers and badges for have recieved C&D letters from BMW and Rover - and that really was breach of copyright, as they were making metal and enamal badges and selling them, depriving BMW of revenue of a very large scale... yet all they got was several C&D letters and as far as I know, they ignore them. So don't worry.

Besides, the Renault font is in the public domain, can use any font it wants. As for "Va Va Voom", this phrase dates from the 1930's and Renault has no more copyright over it than I have copyright over "Happy Birthday". You just cannot copyright language in common usage.

All in all, lawers aside, there is far less issue with this than there is with you using the actual Renault logo on the top of this forum.

The whole point of logos, trademarks, and tags is that you spread them far and wide with an aim to getting what is known as "brand familiararity" [sp], so don't worry about it as you are actually doing Renault a favour. You are helping to make Renault 'Cool'.
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