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I've had little (actually no) experience of Renaults prior to getting the Espace this time last year.

What surprises me from reading posts on this forum is just how many Renaults have covered huge mileage.

Loads of people post with stuff like ďsuch and such has just gone and I've only done 130,000 miles etc etcĒ. I remember thinking that cars were knackered after 60,000 miles which puts it into perspective for me.

Generally speaking we are talking about budget to average priced motors here, not premium brands with matching prices. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't excuse Renault (or anybody else for that matter) for producing an inferior product but, like Mercedes, I think Renault have suffered recently from a few technology advances that have bitten them on the ass. Renault will come good again in my view. What you canít knock them for is creating good value, great looking motors with lots of toys.

Iím a big believer in what Boney said earlier in the thread, I occasionally have a read through a couple of Porsche forums and believe me, if you owned a modern Porsche you'd be scared to death of using it

Of course, not having experience of them I could be talking baloney but thatís my observation.
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