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Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
In a turbo car, without the use of an intercooler the inlet manifold would get hot. Granted, not all turbo cars have intercoolers, but as a result they can't compress the air too much or it will get too hot, resulting in pre-ignition, but in theory if you removed the intercooler from a turbo car that is meant to have one fitted, it would get hot, very hot indeed. This is because when you compress air you generate heat. Basic rule as to why a diesel runs without spark plugs.
The intercooler is meant to cool the air, nothing to do with colder air contains more oxygen ( the colder more ogygenated air needs to be intorduced before it's compressed, hence the reason for a decent induction system

I've just read this bit again Mikey, the last bit is a little flawed.

There is not enough compression in a turbo to generate heat. The heat comes from the turbo having hot exhaust gasses passing through it. The intercooler is indeed to cool the air, but because cold air is more dense so you can get more of it into a set volume, especially if it's pressurised.
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