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Morning Pat,

No probs mate, I figured I might get something wrong! Just my understanding of it as I said, by no means gosble!
I just understood that as you compressed air it heats up, the use of the intercooler enables the turbo to boost at much higer pressures by cooling the air before it reaches the cylinders, if it didn't you'd get pre-ignition as the air would heat up to much from further compression from the piston. Granted the turbo will get hot from exhaust gases but compressing air would futher add to it.

One thing you might be able to help me with I still don't understand. If you are introducing colder denser air before the turbo , when it's heated up (given hot air is less dense)where does the extra oxygen go? Never understood that, if it's there before it gets heated and compressed, if it can't escape anywhere, where does it go. My understanding of the physics of gases if brief to say the least!

Cheers mate,
Hi Mike

I think you're not quite getting my drift

Air expands with temperature like any other substance (water's an odd one, but another conversation), lower the temerature it contracts and you can get more of it in a set volume, as you raise it's temperature again it expands.

Imagine putting air in a sealed box at atmospheric pressure. If you then heat the contents of the box by 100 degrees C you will get an increase of pressure of about 10 PSI.
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