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Perhaps this thread is getting a little off track again

I may be wrong (it happens more regularly than I would like ) but I don't think the question was what is the perfect mixture, more is a free flowing airflow preferential on a turbo engine and how would that effect the performance of the turbo .

The way I understand a turbo is that the exhaust fumes are the main drive, but it's actually a balance of pressures/flows that allow it to spool up rather than a volume of exhaust gas alone. So, if the air in the intake remains static but more exhaust gas is being pushed through, the turbo 's rpm increase will be restricted. Iím positive that it wonít matter which end the restriction is, if the air in the intake is allowed to flow as freely as possible there must be less restriction on the compressor making it easier for the exhaust gasses to spool up the turbo .

I would assume that any restriction as mentioned above could add a load to the bearings that the turbo shaft runs on and that this load would not be ideal. As to this decreasing the life of the turbo , I have no idea, but surly it canít help.
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