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Ok my rant, a lot already mentioned

Speeders, ok most of us do it at some point but some people take the p*ss, this is especialy true at night where it appears to some people speed limits only apply 6am till 9pm.

People who drive watching 2 inches in front. I like to drive looking far ahead to look for obsticles. If I can see a parked car blocking a lane i will move to another lane well before time. Others must not see the hazord at all and do an emergency brake at the last minutie or just pull across in front of you at the last min.

People who think disabled bays and child bays are for every one.

People who insits on parking on double yellows or on corners.

People who sit right up your as*

4x4 who think because they are big they can do what ever they like, mainly forcing their way in.

People who duck and dive between traffic at stupid speeds and under take, infact do what ever it takes to gain 2 car lenghts.

People who find themselves in the wrong lane so just pull in front of you with no indication.

No indication on roundabouts, and also people who are lost on roundabouts who look like they are turning off then suddendly change directions causing you to slam your brakes on.

Chavs in stupid cars with 1 litre engines who think they are god, and do all of the above idiot things.

Mopeds, bikers know they are vunerable (well most) but mopeds the 16 year olds with L plates think they are invincable. Im a biker and im horrified to see them scooting around in shorts and t-shirts (serious damage if they crash) weaving in and out of traffic, no idea cars cant see them and pulling wheelies every where. I even saw one today who had drawn his number plate on yellow paper.

The people who either want to jump ahead or cant see the signs but get in lane signs on roadworks, they decide it doesnt apply to them so carry on using the lane they always do even though they should be in another lane. They then pull across and look at you like its your fault they got in the wrong lane.

People who know at the end of the dual carriage way they need to be in the dfast lane to go where they want to, so they sit in the fast lane for the entire lenght on the carriage way doing 40mph.

Tourists, I know this is mean but living on the coast in the holidays the roads become choas because they all drive slowly, in the wrong lane and never indicate. In fact they do most of the abve because they are lost. Me if im lost i stick with a decsioin untill it is safe to turn around or cahnge lane, most seem to just do something reckless to change lanes then do something reckless again because they now think they should be back in the lane they were just in.

Ok finished sorry
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