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Is it me?

Right folks - someone has filled in our contact form today and I've posted the message verbatim:
Originally Posted by JASON C. GOMES JR.
The following message was sent to you via the The Independent Renault forum for owners, drivers and enthusiasts Contact Us form by JASON C. GOMES JR..


Dear gentlemen
I am an engineer and Brazilian inventor, that already tested several vehicles in years of 1975 and by the lack of a laboratory in which can repeat the experiences assuredly (adequate mixture to the motors to the explosion so that they don't found in touch with the high calories emitted by the H2), I suspended my researches, not without have before discovered several formulas (simple and of water separation in H2 and Oxygen, the first fuel and second Oxygen as the gentlemen know). I believe also that the fuel cells; they demand several processes instead of one just, as well as the cryogenic process (it is just that I understood). The terms fact to store hydrogen and oxygen in containers, or even in cells, for then do the coalition to generate energy seems me expensive and complicated. A water liter, it contains 111 H2's grams and 899 Oxygen grams and your cryogenic cylinders independent concentration, can keep a motor of 50 HP working theoretically in hour and forty-eight minutes. Water can be separated in the vehicle in movement, as well as to be used in the industry for the direct fall of prices of your costs. I got products, easy of obtain in the market that would cost us at most about 30% of the current cost in my country (Brazil), this compared to the of the gasoline in our market. There am interest, I am a civil engineer, with 71 years old search alternative of energy more than 40 years ago, with reasonable results having in mind that my laboratory was going elaborated for me, with precarious instruments and dangerous results in H2's handling (34000 calories) that is the best and not poluent combustible of the future and know how several countries and assemblers are investing millions of dollars in her research. It would like to say that is easier to transport in the vehicles case, water that is neutral than cylinders Dewar , or even to transport hydrogen quantities under the gas form or other more onerous modality, than the concentrated sum in water liters, much less dangerous than any other modality!
There am interest, I will sell my formulas or do a commercial partnership, since there had been interest herein by the gentlemen. I can assure that were a joke, neither I would risk my professional name in a proposal of this nature.
I can assure that I believe that the gentlemen already know of everything this, but it is convenient to keep secret formulas, because otherwise any citizen in his house, it could do your fuel. Water after separated in their components, after H2's explosion she transforms in water vapor and can be also a drinking water production form that in the future will lack for right to the world, what it already occurs in a lot of places in our planet.
I wait their manifestations, with the whole respect and send my name and address.
In the patents international treaty, it has my name in their several, for inquiry because did several patent protection requests, including herein a motor especially projected for H2.
My name: Jason de Carvalho Gomes Junior - formatted civil Engineer by Universidad do Paraná- Brazil in 1961 and graduate in 1962. I am searching of energy obtainment several forms and of other inventions.
My address : STREET TEACHER BRASILIO of the COSTA N. 557 - Curitiba - Paraná -Brazil
PHONES FOR CONTACT; 055- 41 -3244-5803 3243-1653 and piece of furniture 9235-6063
I have difficulties in the conversation in English, for this reason when they communicate I solicit the use of interprets.


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