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Originally Posted by em6
I assume people saw this?

Basically said that 1998 to 2001 Clios have plastic bonnet catches and have a tendency to fail, causing the bonnet to blow up onto the windscreen at speed. Scarey stuff.

They said that after 2001 models, a new, metal catch was introduced, which is safer. Which pretty much proves that those before were unsafe. QED.

My Clio is a 2003, but i've just been to look and the bonnet catch looks like black plastic to me. I certainly don't have one of the metal loops there should be with the new catches.

What should I do? They were saying it needs "maintenance" but who the heck maintains a bonnet catch?! I wouldn't even know how! Saw on another forum someone advising WD40 but that sounds to me like it could make things worse not better!

</panicky rant>

P.S. hi. i'm a newbie. sorry for just jumping in. hello! *waves*
You feel free to jump right in!

Wish we could get some sort of link from Watchdog
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