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Good post Paul

Manual chokes Oh yes I remember those. Had to use a clothes peg on my wifeís Mini to keep it in the right place, removing it when the car had warmed up

Personally I'd rather not step back 25 years, yes the cars were so much simpler to work on, but then they had to be as you needed to spend every other weekend with you head under the bonnet

Personally I'm quite happy with my electronic ignition and fuel injection and everything else that makes a modern car complicated. Why? because it starts every morning, and isnít dependant on the weather. It runs smoother and quieter, and is much more efficient.

I'm happy with the improvements to safety, I like the fact that there's a good chance my family will survive an accident and are protected with airbags and crumple zones. I like brakes that stop my car in pretty much all road conditions, and that my car can sort out the best way to apply traction to the road.

Complicated technology on cars - bring it on

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