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Originally Posted by OG View Post
I'd blame NCAP, aesthetics and manufacturing costs before a manufacturers desire to screw a punter for a few quid for changing a bulb. After all most people would go to an indy if they couldn't do it themselves, not a main dealer.
Yes but imagine the thousands of these cars they will sell. An average price of 200 to change one bulb. Multiply all of that together that is a LOT of money. It just seems odd how other makers can still keep normal access to headlight bulbs yet Renault can't!

Originally Posted by ottoman View Post
Jeez oh all getting a bit paranoid now this thread
No not really. They're certainly not coming to get me! They do however annoy me - there is a difference. We've got 2 older Renaults which while one is complex rarely seems to go wrong and with the other I have a good cheap mechanic who will fix it. I don't bother much with Renault these days.

Originally Posted by selwonk View Post
Maybe not everybody is privy to your personal circumstances?
True.. and if I've been over sensitive there I apologise. I do think however that criticising someone for putting forward a theory is a bit out of order though.

Remember once upon a time people theorised that man could go to the moon. They also theorised that there were living things smaller than the eye could see called germs and virus's. People also once beleived the royals had blue blood and the poor didn't feel the cold too.

It doesn't matter if a theory is right or wrong. What does matter is peoples freedom to at least discuss them in a diplomatic way.

Some theories might upset people but it doesn't mean they have to take a pop at those that suggest them.

Originally Posted by selwonk View Post
If you post drivel, you'll need a thicker skin
2 points here:
1) I posted a THEORY. Whether it is right, wrong, true or false it is a THEORY. If you want to insult me and make me the black sheep then fine go ahead.

2) Personally I think you've not forgiven me for accusing you of banning me. I've apologised to you both publically and via PM. I've explained my reasons in depth for my thinking. If you can't see things from other peoples point of view then I've probably wasted my time trying to put things right. I think you do a great job with this forum but it seems we'll have to agree to disagree again today.

Originally Posted by selwonk View Post
Lag comes on to a independent forum to advice DIYers on how to fix their cars
Did he advise anyone or wind me up in that reply? Its not the first time hes decided to take issue with my posts either.

I've still got PMs from lag ages ago (over 3 months actually) saying he'd send me some print outs in the post for the saff.
Of course they never turned up and nothing has been said since. If the bloke wants to help all well and good. If he don't there's no need to start having a go at people. I put no pressure on lag and in fact I've had little to do with him since. Despite that I've still found a few unwelcome remarks from him directed at me. Hardly suprising I get a bit hacked off is it.
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