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Why buy a Laguna?

Just had a peep at the forum and *arkers forum and my goodness the problems roll on and on. Best thing I ever did was junk the Lag II before my wallet took an even bigger pounding than it did in the 2 years I was a Lag owner. Since changing the car to a Mondeo I have had 8 months of hassle free motoring (touch wood) and now I have joined the Mony owners forum where I see more mods and tweaks than repeating faults that appear on this fourm (ok some faults appear but not as many).
So back to my question - why buy a Lag II, masochism ? Large wallet? Or what! I know there are many satisfied owners out there but where are they? They obviously don't post in the forum and set the balance. Do Renault themselves ever read these fora and take heed of the porblems people have and do something to redsign their crap. As I once said if Ren ever built planes then God help the world - they would come crashing out of the sky regularly - the cockpit would light up like a christmas tree with spurious error messages - and then go into limp mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TTFN and good luck
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