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Exactly!!! As electronics get more complex garages will try and extract more money for what they think is a soft touch. Fortunately there are those indy garages out there who can keep up and provide a competitive service. The answer is obvious - boycott the sharks and the manufactureres who seek to exploit. It is becoming more the norm for manufacutrers to build in complex systems that will ensure (or so they hope!!) that dealers will be attracted to sell their products hoping that they will have exclusive access to repairs. Gone are the days of mechanics capable of innovation and now we have a breed of fitter who will change parts solely on the basis of a computer based diagnostic (despite the fact that the parts changed have no effect on a proer solution to the faults). I know from what could have been an expensive experience how easily it can be to trust (?) the experts(?) in the vain hope that they can solve a problem.
If there any of you out there who still retain something approaching professional pride in being able to actually fix things I hope you will continue to do so as for the rest I for one will not be shelling out big bucks to keep the boys in smart suits in the style to which they have become accustomed. As the crunch deepens we will see more dealerships come to realise that service is what counts or disappear. We should be more like other nations and COMPLAIN when we get less than 100% satisfaction.
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