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Betta Windscreens Stockport Repairs to Renault Clio 98/05 Sunroof
Repair of a sunroof on a Renault clio can be carried out by anyone who likes a bit off a challenge
Tools Needed are ;
• one 10 mm
• ratchet spanner
• one sealer gun
• tube of silicone sealer clear or black is best one
• bottle of white sprit
• old rags to clean up
• glass cleaner
• latex gloves
• bog spreader/plastic card

Lets start, as sunroof fitters we are aware there is a big problem with the Sunroofs in clios so were going to help you fix it. Starting in the driver seat, open the handle on a manual roof, behind the handle you will see the joint in the trim which holds the headlining to the roof. Take hold of the trim by the joint, pull forward and remove the trim. Once the trim is removed the headlining can be pulled down slightly to reveal the 10mm bolts. The housing unit which contains the light is not fixed by screws and can just be pulled down in one complete unit. By holding the head lining down approximately 4 - 5 inches the 10mm ratchet spanner can be used to remove the bolts which hold the lower frame to the upper frame. Once all bolts are removed the sunroof drain pipes which are located in the 2 front corners need to be pushed forward to separate them from the sunroof frame. Once this is achieved the sunroof can now be lifted out starting from the back. Once the sunroof has been removed from the vehicle glass side down you will find that the roof was fitted with a damning tape from the factory, once you have found this you have now found the problem. Remove the damning tape with a flat headed screw driver. Clean the back with white spirits, wait for the spirit to evaporate. Whilst the spirit is evaporating the roof needs to be cleaned any damning tape which is stuck to the roof should be removed. Once dry then we can apply the silicone sealer to the upper frame of the sunroof. Don’t be shy when applying sealant i recommend going round twice. Using a pair of latex gloves pick up the sunroof and replace into position make sure that the sunroof is sat correctly remove gloves enter the car and begin to replace the 10mm bolts. Once all bolts are fully tightened the pipes which are located at the front can be reconnected. The headlining trim can now be put back and the interior light calving can now be pushed back into position. From the outside of the vehicle all excess sealer can be removed with a bog spreader or a plastic card. Do not use a metal scraper as this can scratch the roof. Once excess sealer has been removed using a rag and white spirit clean off the remainder the sealer once this has been achieved spray glass cleaner on glass and paint work and polish up. Job well done.
Do not carry out work on a warm day because by the time you have got all the bolts back into the sunroof the sealer will be semi set and this will be hard to remove.
If you are in the Stockport/Greater Manchester area and feel that you are unable to carry out this work we would be happy to carry out this work on your behalf. Price as follows;
Manual £85 + vat
Electric £105 + vat
If you find that this information was helpful and has saved you money please consider making a small donation to Diabetes UK.

That's a great post B-W, many thanks

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