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Originally Posted by rezab View Post
Hi, I have a Laguna 2 IDE and was looking for a bit of advice with relation to fuel prssure. Once the car has been idling for about 10 mins lots of lights come up on the dash and the engine will not rev over about 1800 rpm.

The scanner picks up a fault 0149 Fuel Pressure inchoerence. If yous restart the car runs normally but it does return.

In terms of live data when idling normally the fuel pressure sits at around 70bar +/- 2 bar. The fuel pressure drops to around 50-55bar when the problem arises. Assuming the sensor is operating correctly the problem is the pressure regulator right??

Can anyone confirm if the regulator on this model is the 2 pin solenoid on the cambelt end of the fuel next to the sensor??

All help and advice most appreciated.
My ex LagII did similar lots of lights and went into "limp mode" found that moving the wiring in the engine compartment around the sensors on the block did have an effect plus regular use of injector cleaner. A diagnostic test by a large main dealer revealed nothing (not surprising) - my advice here is not to be conned and accept a long list of possible causes with an equally long list of parts that MIGHT (!!!!) fix it. Wiring is the most probable check in the forum - look at the ECU plug connections and check for corrosion. When all else fails sell the car and get shot of the problem that's what I did !! Send me your e mail and I'll send some notyes on the F5R engine.
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