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Originally Posted by farbinjudder View Post
Pat.w, sounds like if I had the right drill I could make a few up and sell the rest and it wouldn't cost me anything, lol. Guess I could use my dremel to make the larger hole but the problem is that I'd have to repair that first. I ragged it a bit hard and killed the motor. Oops!!!
So just ask the engineering company you found to turn down the shank of a drill to fit your pistol drill

Originally Posted by farbinjudder View Post

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more. Bit of a rotter is she? Likes to rot does she if you know what I mean. Likes to show her dirty exposed under-carriage does she. Say no more, say no more. :rolf:

How could you make insinuations that any of Renaults master crafted parts have any common failings, (or key plastic parts that break on a regular basis in the case of the time bomb door latches).

I don't know, next you'll be implying that certain parts are designed to only have a short life and the replacements overly priced. Disgraceful.

But SOOOO true!!!

I can just imagine walking into the Renault dealers with a trench coat, hat and plastic 80's black sunglasses and whispering, "Hey, psst, you there, I need the part that doesn't have a name that always rusts under the rear of a megane scenic but keep it on the low down, I don't want the neighbours to know I've got a rusty bottom"

Sorry, I think I'm in a slightly odd mood tonight. Time to break out inflatable Ingrid and the puncture repair kit.

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