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Originally Posted by bawjaws View Post
hi all been looking on the forums for a solution to this but the are all for the mk1's. i have a manual roof on a 51 plate all the drain channels are clear tested with coloured water. have heared that it may be the fitting between the roof and sunroof frame. thinkin bout dismantling and siliconing it to the bodywork but want to hold off incase a less perment solution is available. any help apprecitaed

ps soz bout spelling.

pics would help if poss
I think you will find the problem is the sunroof to roof bond which has failed.Silicon alone round the perimeter of the sunroof will not effect a seal for long as the roof to frame bonding will be broken when the car shell twists when in motion,(i take it your sunroof is creaking also)?? unfortunately even after fixing the roof you will still get the creaking,maybe not as bad,but if you put a blob of vaseline or silicon grease on the catch bar (under the red button)that seems to work for a while. However to fix the roof ,you can do it without removing all of the headlining.Remove the glass panel,remove the two trims down the left and right of the windscreen,pull back both door seals,remove sunvisors,roof handles,seat belt top bolts/mounts,roof light panel,trims on both sides round side windows(if 2-door),if 4 door remove any trim panels / door seals,so you have access on both sides to the roof lining,also remove the edge trim from the sunroof.You should now be able to pull the roof lining GENTLY away from the double sided tape holding it to the roof.You will find there is a line of tape at the front somewhere near where the visors fit and another just behind the sunroof handle.
If you loosen the tape gently you may be able to restick it in place when you reassemble,if not you probably wont need it anyway as when everythings back in place the lining will be held securely.Now you should have enough access all way round the underneath of the roof to unfasten the (if I remember rightly 16x8 mm nuts)from round the perimeter of the roof and the bottom plate will then be able to be removed from the sunroof.At this point you will be able to see exactly where your roof was leaking from i.e the roof bond.Pull the sunroof outer frame from the roof and clean the old tape which you will find sticking to it off ,this is the problem ,the old tape is not thick enough,it gets compressed and no longer stops water entering.(Behind the sunroof to the rear of the car there is a roof support plate,if you think of the roof shape in profile as an upside down U shape,this plate is more of an upside down V shape inside the U shape,as it were. If Renault were to make this plate to the same profile as the roof and bond it to the roof,as they do to the roof support plates round the screen,the sunroof would not creak as it would stop any movement of the roof panel,thereby strengthening the top of the car,eliminating any movement.You now need a roll of double -sided automotive trim tape,the one i used was 8mm wide by 1 mm thick,this is used for sticking badges /trim mouldings to the outside of vehicles,any automotive /body shop supplier should have this in stock.I also used some neoprene single sided door seal 10mmX10mm.
Clean the roof opening and frame,stick the double-sided tape to the perimetre of the roof just in line with the edge of the opening,and also to the underside of the frame to the inner edge of the frame,so in effect when you replace the frame into the opening you will have 2 lines of adhesive tape bonding to each other,completing the seal,this alone will work as its twice the thickness of tape Renault use.I then used the single sided tape ,around the metal frame which bolts to the underside of the sunroof frame.This tape does not stop water entering,but acts as a vibration damper for the framework and stops the sunroof bolts loosening,and then they let water underneath the frame,which then finds its way onto your lap etc.As I say you dont have to fit this tape,you could just use the two lengths of double-sided which make the actual water seal,I just used it as a belts and braces move.Bolt the frame together,replace all your trim/seals etc and then sit back and wait for it to rain,I think youll find water now doesnt enter from this particular area anymore.Allow a full day to do this,preferably a dry one!!,and dont over tighten the 8mm nuts when reassembling and snap any ,just tighten evenly all the way round.
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