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MMmmmm interesting, in all the years in the motor trade and through my apprentiship I was always taught rubber was an insulator not a conductor, which is why older house wiring was rubber coated, unfortunatly it became a danger as it perished causing shorts.
a few weeks back we had this very discusion in the pub with an avation electronics engineer concerning lighting strikes and cars, his conclusion was your car is no more dangerious than it is safe, as if stuck the lightning will rip through it to earth anyway, as the air gap between the car and the ground is so small compaired to the charge carried it will jump, but the chance of your car being struck is very low as the car is not a nautral conductor due to the rubber pads it sits on; unless you have a chain or a static discharge cable hanging from your car, lightning "searches" for earths via a very small static charge which can be felt if a strike lands near you, this is the leader to the strike looking for an earth, higher the better, buildings, trees etc electricity always finds the easist path to discharge copper lighning rods on buildings for example, will put your theory to him next time we put the world to right over a pint glass.
The shoe theory, I am right in thinking you mean trainers are the worst to wear as I am not earthing myself when I step out of the car? in practice I get the worst shocks from my work shoes, these have leather soles, very rare if ever get a shock with my trainers on, which to me dictates I am earthing the car, not the car earthing me,other wise I will still be shocked with the trainers on.
I might try a chain, bolted to the car body as my aero friend mentioned as this would instantly discharge the vehicle the second it touched the ground, as he thinks it is a plastic problem, plastic carries more static than metal due to its compersition, ie rub your hand over a metal wing and then a plastic bumper there is a lot more static build up in the plastic bumper, his theroy is the plastic is building up static, passing it to the metal via normal conducton the metal is holding the charge, which earths the moment you get out and touch the car, he also bet me I don't get a shock off it driving home in the rain, he was actually right I don't, why? the body of the car is being lubricated by the rain, no air friction = no static build up, wow must be on my way to being an airline pilot
I understand the body flex but not to happy about jacking centre of car up, as passenger door fits great, I would take a guess and say if the vehicle had over flexed resulting in the driver door not fitting right surley the passenger door should show some misalignment also, yet it doesn't, do you think it could be as simple as the driver door being used all the time and possibly used as a leaning ledge to get in and out, it also looks like the bottom hindge has a slightly rounded nut head, just the one(spotted last night) so I am wondering if it has had a loose hindge as some time and some one has nipped it up again, the car is on 2 year/18000ml service plan, the wipers where shot when I got it with 8 thou to go, all the work ever done to it corisponds with this 2 year gap nothing in the middle not even wiper blades so worst case senario is hindge comes loose a month after service car drives around for 23 months with loose hindge, it didn't occure to me before but this could easily happen with it as I pick apart its life history through work done invoices last night, inbetween the 2 year intervals nothing gets done to it, having said that we get it here quite often now people will drive around with a headlamp bulb out till either the MOT or it next service, as their theory is it is on a two year service plan so it DOESN'T need anything doing to it for the next 2 years, crazy, I change my wipers twice a year, oil , air and fuel filter once a year, oil twice a year, but having said that my work run alone in 15k a year
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