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Here's my calculations for the Laguna II ( correct me if I am wrong )

The laguna II Fuel Tank Capacity is 70 litres

1 litre = 0.22 Imperial Gallons

So 70 x 0.22 = 15.4 Gallons total available fuel..

According to the vehicle computer around town I get an average of 30 mpg

30 x 15.4 = 462miles..

According to the vehicle computer on long trips I get an average of 37 mpg

37 x 15.4 = 569.8 miles

So although I never filled up and did this I conclude that

Around town = 462miles
Motorway and long journeys = 569.8 miles

As for the petrol cost it has gone up from around 80p to 96p per litre in the last year alone..

So for a full tank of 70 litres the price

was 56 - Sept 2004
is 67.20 - Sept 2005

Shockingly expensive and a huge percentage increase !!!

What happened to the fuel protests !!

Bah humbug..

PS:- I am a maths teacher or what ?
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