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Scenic rear wiper woes.

Ok, I know this has been asked many times, but I don't seem to have found anyoney that has actually solved it.

Problem is that the rear wiper will not operate at all.

The relay clicks intermittantly under the dash, as it should. The motor is sound, if you wire it directly, but I think the problem is within the pulse that it gets.
I connected a test bulb up to see if the pulse was happening. Thing is, the bulb stays on, then goes out when the relay clicks. Still, it shows that a signal is getting to the motor.

This motor is linked to the reverse lights i believe, as it used to operate automatically when you selected reverse.

I got it going once by shorting one of the wires, but that only lasted for a day or two. So I thought, maybe it's an earth issue. But I have checked the earths that I think I need to and still not working.

I read that it is a Renault only fix, that's got to be c**p, because if they can fix it , so should anybody else.

If anybody has cracked this, let me know as it really annoying me now winter is approaching.
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