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Originally Posted by Maq View Post
To All

I just want to say that for months on & off I have like many others had the Coil Warning light problem, the lack of power when pressing the throttle.
Also the running with the turbo seemingly "off" as well as the "jumpy" & intermittent pick up of power.

I have read this forum for months trying to find the answers and to be honest I have tried everything:

Cleaning the EGR valve - I posted a "how to" with pics.
I even bought new EGR valve, new turbo solenoid cos it was buzzing like a good un (it shouldn't) and the turbo pressure switch. MAF was ok too.

In the middle of all that I blew the turbo & replaced that and the intercooler. I alos changed the air, fuel and oil filters, changed the preignition coils and glow plugs. and what for ...... nothing, niet, nada, rien. :loser:

Then after running along at max 70km/h in "limp mode" for 3 days now and planning to torch the b***h, MadNoel comes along with a seemingly unimportant observation ==>

Quote "One member of the forum had a similar problem and it was eventually discovered that the wiring connections and loom to the turbo pressure sensor was faulty. It may be worth exploring that aspect."

here ==>

So I thought ok - it doesn't "seem" electrical but hey what the hell.

And the problem is now solved (fingers crossed).

The culprit is a broken wire on the connector to the turbo pressure switch- i mean how simple to over look that but it was hidden in a cable cover and I guess that's why I didn't spot it before.

Next came the big problem- how to fix it as I made a quick botch-fix (run like a dream all the way there :20km and back) and visited the local Renault dealership and they don't sell the plugs & connectors - they only replace the whole freakin wiring loom - so sod that !!.

I got into the tool box and was thinking of soldering it back on when the little lifesavers jumped out and presented themselves - in the form of electric wiring connectors.

So another botch fix started:

Cut the 3 wires from the connector but label one as 2 are grey and one yellow.
strip & attach to the wire connectors.
Plug into pressure sensor
tape over to stop damp
broooooooom brooooooom broooooom

viola - no warning lights , power restored, no throttle issues AND it didn't cost me a cent - well that is if you don't include all the wasted money on parts I probably didn't actually need. But hey it's a fix for me.

I just want to add here that this is a fix / repair for me and I'm not saying it'll resolve everyone's problems but I seem to have been thru the whole range of problems that some of you have and as a result tried (and failed) to find the actual cause.

I hope this helps someone as MadNoel certainly helped me and dserves a gazillion rep points for that little gem of advice.

Renault on the other hand - don't have a clue and when I called out the Belgian AA equivalent last week, he "diagnosed" a dirty fuel filter. A**e !

I have attached the pictures here - hopefully in order.
Excuse the quality but they're from my iphone as we left the camera in the Uk last week when we were over.
Hi maq

great solution and excellent pics/solution

Unfortunately my turbo has until i sort that then i cant proceed with your solution.

Does anyway know where i could get a 2nd hand turbo for my 2001 1.9td lauguna? money a little tight at the mo!

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