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Re: Renault Laguna II - Interiors - Bad FM reception when heated rear screen switched

I had similar problems with reception on my LagII - there is a basic rule of thumb relating to all radio reception - a good aerial is absolutly vital. The use of heated srceen is a bad and cheap compromise especially where terrain makes normal reception iffy. My advice would be to fit an exterior roof mounted aerial with suitable wiring, that way all reception will be free from interferance from car electrics (unless you have a fault) and the rod type aerial will be multiidirectional meaning a good signal can be recieved in all locations. a smart alternative is a shark fin type with integral booster but this will require some additional wiring.
Having heard all the bullsh*t from dealers I made a point of researching things before taking the car to a dealer. Remember that modern mechanics are basically fitters and not diagnosticians , not like the mechanics of yesteryear who used to strip things down and actually repair them, there are still some left out there but are as rare as hen's teeth!! This art has been lost in the mists of time and now if the computer doesn't show up a fault then it doesn't exist despite what the customer says. Then it means taking out a second mortgage to pay for all the bits that you have to buy before a fault is actually cured.
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